remote online notarization (RON)

Synrgo proudly offers a Remote Online Notarization platform to conduct hybrid or fully electronic closings. This simple to use interface can be used in combination with our new RON Recording Tool to submit finalized documents for eRecording.

Synrgo is known for being the One Stop Solution for all types of real estate transactions. LiveSign is the newest edition to our growing suite of products and technology-based solutions. An eClosing and remote online notarization platform, LiveSign was created to handle all types of electronic and hybrid closings.

How does LiveSign work?

LiveSign technology allows signers to review their watermarked electronic closing documents before the assigned closing date. This review assures when signers meet with the remote online notary to complete the signing; the process is fast and efficient.

An approved remote online notary will meet with the signers over live video to confirm the signers’ identity, record the ceremony, and assist with the closing process. LiveSign users have the option of accessing our network of Texas-based eNotaries or using their own agent.

LiveSign uses a multi-factor authentication process to complete the verification, including an analysis of government-issued IDs and a series of questions.

Once executed, the immediate availability and distribution of the closing documents can accelerate the funding process.


Are eClosings and Remote Online Notarization safe?

eClosings result in fewer errors than traditional closings by ensuring every signature is present and signed in the same way. LiveSign applies a tamper-evident seal and time stamp to all electronic documents and signatures to protect alterations from occurring.
LiveSign also supports the latest industry MISMO standards and has been approved by Fannie Mae as an eClosing and RON platform.


Can Electronically Signed and Notarized Documents be Recorded?

Yes! The LiveSign tamper-evident seal certifies electronic documents for recording. Additionally, Synrgo offers Fuse, a web-based recording tool that seamlessly submits closing packages for e-recording or papering-out.  Fuse is available to submit electronic documents created by any eClosing platform, not just LiveSign, to facilitate in the recording process.

Synrgo is committed to providing the services and technology needed by our real estate industry partners to maximize efficiency and streamline processes. During these unprecedented times, we extended our vision to empower lenders, title companies, and homeowners to conveniently and securely close transactions without direct physical contact.


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