electronic recording services

Electronic recordings are now available in more counties than ever. When you join the Synrgo network, we facilitate an eRecording solution that fits your business’ unique needs.

Synrgo can act as an agent on your behalf, bring staff into your office or supply you with a completely remote solution which enables you to eRecord right from your desk with our simple eSubmit system.

Like all of our recording services, eRecording with Synrgo includes our cursory review and pre-check of documents, reducing rejections and streamlining the recording process. Our platform allows you to upload digital documents and/or scan wet-signed paper documents for transmission to the applicable jurisdiction.

Are you a county who would like to start eRecording? Synrgo will walk you through the application process so you too can begin safely and securely eRecording.

Who It Applies To:

  • Title Companies and Settlement Agents
  • Lenders
  • County Jurisdictions
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Synrgo can file recordings in all counties in the United States via paper or electronically.

Call us at 888.355.3799 and let us coordinate your filings so you can spend time on more important tasks.


Let Us Take Away the Hassle
  • Document Preparation
  • Accommodation Recordings
  • Logistics


Direct from Your Desktop Or Use Our Team
  • Online App Tool
  • Direct to Most Jurisdictions

Retrieval Services

We are connected to 100s of jurisdiction
  • Courts and Recorder’s Offices
  • Certified and Plain
  • Hubs in CA, PA, TX and WA

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