(VIDEO) An Introduction to SYNRGO’s LiveSign Platform

SYNRGO’s LiveSign is an eClosing and Remote Online Notarization platform used to conduct all types of electronic and hybrid closings. LiveSign utilizes multi-factor identity authentication, and two-way audio-visual communication with a live notary of your choosing, to make the closing experience fast and efficient for all parties.

LiveSign technology supports the latest industry MISMO standards, interfaces with the MERS Lien Registry, and is approved by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

Closing packages executed with LiveSign have a tamper-evident digital seal and time stamp to protect from alterations and certify them for recording with the county. Completed documents and a recording of the closing ceremony are made instantly available for all parties upon completion, allowing for expedited funding.

Additionally, SYNRGO offers Fuse, a web-based recording tool that seamlessly submits closing packages for e-recording or papering-out. Fuse is available to submit electronic documents created by any eClosing platform, not just LiveSign, to facilitate in the recording process.

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