SYNRGO Announces Hiring of Benjamin D. Sherman as President and Chief Operating Officer

BREA, Calif.April 14, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — SYNRGO is proud to announce that Ben Sherman has joined the company as President and Chief Operating Officer at the company’s Brea, CA office. SYNRGO is a full-service document recording company that provides a complete range of traditional paper recording and eRecording, post-closing, Remote Online Notarization (RON), and transportation services to the real estate industry.

SYNRGO - Your One Stop for Real Estate Recordings

SYNRGO Chairman and CEO Karl Klessig hired Sherman to manage the company’s next phase of growth. “The expansion of our existing business as well as the discovery of new growth areas have created a significant opportunity to broaden the team,” Klessig said. “After I led the team that introduced electronic recording to the mortgage industry, my next goal was to put in place the technology and service professionals that will take the industry to the next level. It’s an exciting opportunity to now have Ben join our team and help drive the success of SYNRGO.”

SYNRGO started in the early ’90s, servicing title companies and closing agents via predecessor companies DPS, Inc. and SPL Express, Inc. The two companies were brought together and renamed SYNRGO in early 2017. Since then, SYNRGO has grown substantially, providing a variety of post-closing services for many title companies and independent agents throughout the U.S. Today, SYNRGO employs more than 300 people at 25 offices across the U.S.

Sherman’s professional résumé includes a wealth of industry experience. He comes to SYNRGO from Old Republic Title and ePN, where he successfully guided business development, sales, management, and growth initiatives for over eight years as Vice President of Business Development. He holds an International MBA from Blekinge Institute of Technology in Sweden, and a Bachelor of Science in Technology Management from Herzing University in Madison, Wisconsin.

All SYNRGO departments report to Sherman. He is responsible for all daily operations as well as setting measurable goals for SYNRGO’s growth and performance. He will be establishing new policies that build on the company’s foundation and promote company culture and vision.

“The whole mortgage ecosystem starts with the lender, flows through to the title industry, and ends at the county recorder’s office,” Sherman said. “I want SYNRGO to operate within that whole mortgage ecosystem and provide innovative products and services that help meet changing customer demands in the real estate industry and that will improve post-closing services for lenders and title companies. We will reinvent SYNRGO as a true real estate industry technology company that’s a player in the FinTech, RealTech, and PropTech industries.”

Sherman has been working on increasing new sales and development efforts, in addition to adding new products and services. These initiatives will help drive SYNRGO’s expansion into new markets and regions and will offer SYNRGO’s customers new opportunities for improved recording service, streamlined post-closing services, less manual transactions, and faster turnaround times.


With 24 years of industry experience, SYNRGO is a premier document management and paper and eRecording vendor in the mortgage industry, a veritable “one-stop shop” for real estate closing solutions. The SYNRGO team of knowledgeable professionals provides the real estate industry with nationwide recording services, Remote Online Notarization (RON), document retrieval, transportation, storage, and on-site recording specialists. SYNRGO has 25 locations around the United States. The company works in all 3,142 nationwide recording jurisdictions today. SYNRGO aims to make it a top priority to streamline the post-closing process by leveraging innovative technology.

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